Friday, February 14, 2014

On the Road

Snow will be falling tonight in the area where we live as well as at our destination. 

Tomorrow, snow will fall in the area that we're passing through on our way north.

We're really hoping we don't hit any.  Let alone, have to go back home and shovel out the driveway.  Again.


Two interesting conversations today.

One, with a woman who lives in southern France. She's always a pleasure to talk with.  I joke that I would pay her to talk with me, and she laughs,  but, truthfully, I would. She's simply and totally a delight. She's coming to the US for a quick visit in August with her sister, and I am going to try really hard to meet up with her, just to say hi.

And the other, a French woman who speaks English fluently - with a strong British accent.  Somewhat disconcerting,  but an interesting conversation nonetheless.  All in English, though.  Next time, French!

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