Saturday, December 03, 2011


First Santa appearance of the season is done.

I really have to remember to check out that I have all the pieces of the outfit before the day of doing it. (Boots! Where the hell are my boots? And my hat???) And, I had forgotten how tiring it can be to just sit there and tease kids for three hours. (I came home and slept for two hours.) And how much the whitening hair spray is yucky stuff.

Though, once again, they charmed and surprised me. (I'd like an iPhone... What color? Pink. Do they even make one in pink? Why not? ) I offered several kids a pile of rocks and some dirt. They all declined, some vigorously. I praised any kid who said that they wanted books, and I taught a couple of them how to say 'good morning' in French.

I had fun.
There are some seriously cool kids growing up around here!

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