Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Technically, I'm a Catholic. I say that because I'm more not a believer than I am -- I just go because of the accumulated guilt of a Catholic upbringing. For years, I said I went to church to give a 'good example' to my daughter (and yes, I know that a good example doesn't require going to church, but, hey, my mother was living with us....). Now my daughter's coming up on 18, and she's already said 18s an adult, right? And you said I have to go to church till I'm an adult, right? So I guess the good example didn't take.

The US Catholic Church just made some changes to the mass. They changed some of the words. Now, I don't hang with people who like going to church (except my wife), but when I can go to a gathering of mentors at the school and I hear two of them saying I have no idea what they're even saying, they say its to make the mass more accessible but I can't understand it, they use words like consubstantiate that I've never heard of -- I know what they're talking about. They're saying the vice presidents and managers of the company like this so they figure you had better like it, too. Well, tonight I had my first taste of it, and I don't . I think its stupid. I wasn't all that enthused before, and it really turned me off.

Catholicism. Pah. Why not just go handle the real problems and leave the words as they are, red hats?

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