Monday, December 12, 2011


Cartoons like this one infuriate me. Not foaming-at-the-mouth infuriate, but how can they possibly be that stupid? infuriate. Mostly because they make me think of all the stupid people who will say yeah, things aren't perfect, must be his fault, Ahm gonna vote for.... who's runnin' again? The sort of person to whom any reasoned response sounds like evasion.



Tabor said...

Oh if only the economics was an engine that took one person to assemble!!

Cerulean Bill said...

People assume the Presidency can just DO things. And many things, they can. But not this.

Not to mention, it's a hell of a lot easier to break something than to fix it. Especially when some of your 'helpers' keep hiding pieces.

STAG said...

I think I predicted some years ago that if this president is allowed to spend like a drunken sailor, the bill will eventually come due to the detriment of his office and possibly the detriment of his country. The fact that he HAD to do it does not make the pain any less tolerable. Votes go to the leader who creates the least pain.

Cerulean Bill said...

So his choice was put frosting on the rotten cake and get reelected, or bake a new cake and get slammed for the cost of ingredients?

Glad all of our voters are intelligent.

STAG said...

Or come up with something that had not been tried before.

Presidents, or Prime Ministers should not let their liklihood for re-election affect the programs they support. It always leads to novice mistakes.

The hope when you go to stimulate an economy is that either it fails miserably AFTER you leave office, or it succeeds brilliantly whilst you are IN office. Mr. Obama has achieved neither and for doing the only thing he COULD do, he will lose the election.

And you can't blame the cake for being rotten when he got it....both your houses were firmly Democrat for years before Mr. Obama was elected. Why didn't THEY fix it?

Cerulean Bill said...

The economy was certainly on a bad track in the 90s, but brighter people than me were fooled (its always easier to fool someone who wants to believe that THIS time will be different.)

And you show me a professional politician who acts solely in a pragmatic and practical way, and I'll show you someone who is either eligible for sainthood or a one-term occupant of the office.