Friday, July 29, 2016

What's Up?

Well, I have finally finished unpacking.  We've been home about two weeks now.  It usually doesn't take that long, but this time I just had no urgency about it.

I see where Air France is on strike again. A news article says that about 30,000 people per day are affected.  Its not clear to me whether it's the flight attendants or the air traffic controllers or both that are on strike, but its a moot point.  I'm here, they're there, go strike all you want.  But don't expect me back on your airline unless I don't have a viable alternative. Next time we go there -- which, I am sorry to say, will likely not be until 2019, since next year we are planning to go to Italy, and the year after that, to do a little traveling in the United States (let's hear it for airport departure announcements in English) -- we will likely take KLM or Lufthansa, at least if we're going during the summer.  Air France just likes strikes too much.  Of course, that's not just AF; other municipal services, like SNCF (the intercity trains) also like to play that game.  But only Air France, by going on strike, could keep us from actually getting home.

Went to see Star Trek Beyond.  Much better than the second one -- much more like the feeling of the first.  Some sad parts, including being aware that the guy who played Chekov won't be in any future ones (the actor died), and some of the really bad things are happening sequences were a bit painful to watch, even knowing that, of course, its all fake. And every so often there was a miracle. But still, overall, it was good. Quite glad to have seen it.

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