Saturday, July 30, 2016


Found out that our new, faster router can have three networks = two 'primary ones', one that puts out a stronger signal but in a limited area, and one that puts out a weaker signal but more generally accessible, and a guest one which can do the whole internet connectivity thing but won't give access to local files.  Fine.

Turns out that printers can only connect to one network.  Your device, like your computer or tablet or whatever, has to be on the same network as the printer; otherwise, no go.  The printer might as well not exist.  According to a brief search I did, lots of people think wait, WHAT?  Only one network can have the printer, unless you want to do some magic or have a dedicated print server or whatever?

Well, crap.


Tabor said...

Wish you lived next door. I would pay you to set up a new faster, stronger, safer router for me. All this stuff hurts my head.

Cerulean Bill said...

Networking stuff always makes MY head hurt, too. It easier than it used to be, but not by a lot. Actually just replacing the router is pretty simple, though (really). I can talk you through it if you want.