Monday, May 09, 2016


Finally getting around to reading Team of Rivals.  Forgot how good the writing is.

Thinking about getting a Microsoft Surface 3.  Really don't want to -- I like the Lenovo laptop -- but the damn thing has a faulty switch that causes it to shut down if you touch it the wrong way when its running on battery. (Plugged in, its fine.)  And, you know, we'll need a laptop for the trip. Harrumph.

Three days till my daughter's graduation from college. 


Tabor said...

Congratulations and I hope she has found her path. I have a Lenovo and while it is lighter and smaller it does sometimes do something I do not want. Very sensitive to screen touching.

Cerulean Bill said...

Well, she knows kind of what she wants to do, but not how and where. She's a little tense about that, especially when she sees friends that successfullly did an internship and now have a job, while she did neither. She'll make it, though.

The Lenovo -- it developed what is, in computer speak, a known problerm, where a microswitch thats supposed to detect sudden acceleration (ie, falling) instead becomes very sensitive to light touches on that side of the machine. You tap or squeeze it, and poof, it shuts down. Whats weird is, this does not happen if its plugged in. So we're looking at a Microsoft Surface 3 as a new 'mobile' device.