Monday, March 21, 2016

Mycroft and Kareem

It would never have occurred to me that Kareen Abdul-Jabbar could write.  No reason not to think so, just -- never occurred to me. Until I picked up a copy of Mycroft Holmes, by Abdul-Jabbar, with a co-writer / dialogue coach of Anna Waterhouse.

Even then, I would have thought well, this will be trivial reading.  And certainly, it's not your standard Holmes novel.  For one thing, Mycroft is young, athletic, and resident at Cambridge College.  Foe another, other than a passing reference, Sherlock has not made an appearance - but he is not missed. Three chapters into it, and I'm still asking And then what happened?

This book is good.


RozWarren said...

He's a terrific essayist. I've been enjoying his work for years.

Cerulean Bill said...

He's a writer, thats clear. But for years? I had no idea. Why don't my local librarians tell me this stuff????