Sunday, March 13, 2016


I just saw an article wherein a writer said that the best candidate that the Democrats could offer is the one who's currently in the White House, because his ratings are up, and how it's stupid to kick someone out just due to an arbitrary time limit.

To me, the stupid thing is to let someone continue to run as long as they have breath, and a machine that makes it easier for them to run than for a contender.  Even worse, to let them stay in office forever, without review or evaluation.

I do like Obama, and I would like to keep him in power, but saying yes to that would have meant saying yes to keeping Bush -- so no.  I'll take my chances.

Hoping for Bernie, resigned to Clinton, afraid of Cruz, and terrified by Trump.


Tabor said...

I think we all are feeling the same disgust, fear, amazement and hope that you have. It is a big job and cannot be left to people who respond with "I don't know.' or "I just follow the Internet."

Cerulean Bill said...

"Decisions are made by those who show up" - Jed Bartless (or, at lesst, Aaron Sorkin) So far, only the flaming radicals -- on both sides - are showing up.