Tuesday, September 01, 2015


I am considering being a mentor again -- probably won't, but I might. So I am looking at their many, many requirements, all of which would not have stopped or guaranteed what they want to stop or guarantee. The requirements are in two places, they apparently having never learned the thing about 'you state information once; all other places refer to it'.

I was particularly taken by this gem of organizational thinking:

If you discover a person who is not breathing, has no pulse, or is choking, call the office. Say that it is a “Code Blue,” name the medical emergency, and give your exact location. Remain with the victim.

'Code Blue' seems a little redundant to me. 

I also found this, in a section talking about getting the kids to a safe place in case of a storm:

Students and staff should avoid doors, and windows while relocating.

How are they going to get to the safe area -- teleport?


RozWarren said...

You just hop in the Tardis.

Cerulean Bill said...

Why does it sound better to say "Its bigger on the inside" than "Its smaller on the outside"?

I just read a VERY long Wikipedia article on the Tardis. Amazed, how much someone could find to write.