Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I was thinking about that woman who refuses to issue marriage licences because her view of religion says that she cannot do it.  Apparently, she is an elected official, and cannot be removed from office unless she is impeached or resigns.  Of course, we know how easy it is to impeach someone!  It made me wonder -- how many other people of similar views are hidden in our infrastructure?  It would be absurd to say that we have to ferret such people out -- though the witchhunt would be fun to watch -- but I wonder if we will see laws that say if you are working for the governmenet, and  refuse to do your job, you'll be fired?  Of course, I doubt such a law would be passed, for the simple reason that legislators, tied up in partisan gridlock, refuse to do their job all the time.


Tabor said...

Her religious beliefs do not allow her to break the law. There are lots of beliefs out there than contradict what she does in her job. What about those getting married for the second or third time? She is a mistake waiting to be fired.

Cerulean Bill said...

I suspect that the law doesn't say "you must do your job". In any rational society, that's assumed. But we're not in a rational society, it appears.

I understand that she HAS been married multiple times.