Saturday, July 18, 2015

PIR, Conclusion

The top of the line sedan for Toyota is their Avalon, which looks and feels a lot like the bottom of the line Lexus.

We found one that was built in October of last year, so it's last year's model.  It was purchased this year and driven for two months, accumulating just over four thousand miles, before being sold to a car auction.  Where it sat for four months before being purchased by the dealership where our Prius and Venza came from.

We were naturally suspicious.  Four thousand miles, two months, and they sell it?  What's wrong with this car?

According to Carfax, nothing. They promise that if there is anything wrong, and they didn't cover it, they'll buy the car back.

According to Toyota,  it is a certified used car, meaning they ran through a multiple step inspection, and found nothing wrong with it.  It's still got two years of it's original new-car warranty, and then it has their used-car warranty to kick in after that.

It hasn't got every single gizmo Toyota puts on cars.  It hasn't got automatic wipers that come on when it rains.  It hasn't got adaptive cruise control (which slows you if you get dangerously close to another car).  And the original owner's manuals are missing, though the main one is available online as a PDF. I think that's about it.

It does have auto headlights, fog lights,  autodim heated mirrors with integral turn signals, heated seats, backup sonar, backup camera, side view cross traffic warning, blind spot warning, AM/FM/XM radio with USB and MP3 jacks, three 12V sockets, leather wrapped steering wheel, a drive mode called Sport which should really be called Very Fast, and a few other things.

So we bought it. 

At a price of five thousand dollars less than its new car price.


Tabor said...

WE bought my husbands last car through a car rental agency (Enterpise) and got a car that had 5,000 miles on it. It came with a one year warranty and had been owned by a dealers wife. So not all low mileage cars are just have to go through a reputable dealer.

Cerulean Bill said...

And be fortunate!