Friday, July 24, 2015

I-93 Musings

Random thoughts while trudging through the traffic on I93 near Boston --

There are 'executive limo services' that take a normal delivery van (the model that I know of its Sprinter, but there could be others), gut it, and put in interior accouterments like those found in an executive jet -- hyper-comfortable chairs, refrigerator, internet access, flat screen TV, all of that.  The idea is for people to be able to be cosseted and coddled without alerting the plebs that a grossly overpaid corporate bigwig is transiting the area.  Well, of course, I am as offended by this lavishness as any other plebe (though the older I get, the less I consider it to be lavish and the more I think of it as 'well, that’s nice').  So when I am trying to get somewhere -- almost *anywhere* --  in Boston, and it’s too damn hot to walk, and too damn crowded to drive, I think *executive tour shuttle'.  I'd pay handsomely for one to come whispering up (electric, of course!) and coddle/cosset me from here to there. 

Sirius XM radio is very nice, but a) it really should have the option to invoke overseas feeds (for example, Le Monde, from France), and b) since it’s hard to read the ‘channel’ indicator, particularly when you are driving, it should have the ability to ‘speak’ the channel when you change it. Surely this is possible?

GPS should have the ability to change how much lead time you want when it announces an upcoming change – and if there are two changes in quick succession, it should just alert you that its doing a reroute because it can’t say the directions fast enough. Other than by going to blipspeak  mode, of course.

Mike's Pastry in Boston is nice, but it would be even better if the clerks didn't have a Yeah, we know, best cannoli in Boston, got it, whaddya want? attitude.

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