Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Montreal is a really pretty city with horrendous traffic.  Construction everywhere, and jammed highways.  Yesterday (and I think it was exceptional), we took 90 minutes to go about 5 kilometers, due to an accident.

It absolutely sucks when you find the need to hit the bathroom three times before you go out, then once again while you're waiting downstairs for your car, then again when you're walking casually through the city.  Holy hell, I just had a tiny bowl of cereal, some strawberries, and a glass of orange juice!  My wife says we need (she's nice and says we even though its clear that its me) to always get up and walk around aimlessly for at least twenty minutes, orbitting the bathroom location,  before we want to go out for real, because apparently the body only processes a bit of waste at a time, and takes its time, at that.  You okay?  Yeah, I'm....wait a minute, I need to hit the john again.

You can confuse people by answering in French if you don't actually understand their quick French response.


Tabor said...

It happens to this woman as response is "new crenelations" and that is why walking may help.

Cerulean Bill said...

Crenelations? Like the battlement on a castle? Je ne comprends pas, desolé.