Saturday, April 25, 2015


In the last week, we have learned that -

- our daughter isn't going to do an internship for the summer,  but instead work at a place at the school, which means that she will need money for food, she will need a car (which she will want to keep for the school year, of course), and she will have to have a place to stay . 

- our 3 year old dishwasher has to be replaced.  one of those times when perhaps an extended warranty would have been a good idea. Having the repair guy say Yeah, Samsung learned a lot from this model; they don't make it any more was hardly comforting.

- it's possible to get a French friend ticked off at me.

-  our daughter is now the 'proud' owner of a gerbil.  It seems that the girl for whom she was watching it has announced that she doesn't want it back  She asked me to ask a neighbor if they want it.
 - if we go to Italy, and rent a car, the odds are very good that it will be a manual transmission.  Don't worry, its easy.

- our  daughter, acting as a valet parker for some event, dinged two cars.  The first driveer said not to worry about it.  We're waiting to see what the second says, if anything.

Fun stuff. 

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