Saturday, April 11, 2015


Harry Turtledove writes very well, but I'd like his books more if just once in a while, the good guys won. I glanced at his Joe Steele, which presents a Stalin standin as the surprise successful Democratic candidate against Herbert Hoover, FDR having died during the convention in a mysterious fire, and found myself quickly skipping through it, reading about the rise of authoritarianism, the American work camps, the desperation.  Flipped to the end.  Glum there, too.

Has anyone ever written a  plausible book where the liberals crushed the country?  I'm sure that conservatives have written things where weak-minded liberals have spent the country into the ground, or essentially surrendered the country, but has anyone ever had a powerful, dogmatic liberal forcing the country to bend to his will?  Accept health care?  Knuckle under to equal pay?  Pay schoolteachers adequately? Protect the free pursuit of happiness?

Yeah, I bet the conservatives would find that very scary.

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