Saturday, December 27, 2014

That Statue

I wonder.

If the terrorists had flown a plane into the Statue of Liberty, would people have tried to 'improve' it upon reconstruction?  You know -- well, that quote on the book is nice, of course, but we're thinking something more current, more relevant... and the original face is so bland, so blank, why don't we give it some life, add some wrinkles, hint at some curves under that gown.... and anyway, do we really WANT that gown any more? 

And shouldn't it be bigger, taller, and wider?  With space for advertising on the base, and a McDonalds at the top?

And of course there would be people who would want it surrounded by defensive artillery (proudly paid for by the NRA) or perhaps a massive Star Wars laser defense battery...or two. And maybe a literal dome. Yeah, its hard to see, in there, but it sure is secure -- and isn't security what we WANT?

Just wondering

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