Thursday, May 17, 2018


The feeling keeps coming back to me that our resident French exchange student is pulling the wool over  my eyes about something to do with  her relationship with a local guy.  I have nothing concrete to base that on -- just a feeling, based on something she said awhile ago about a situation where I thought he was lying, and she said No, I told him to say that.  And there is awareness that she is not above gaming the system - for example, getting to arrive in first class of the day a few minutes late (normally a reprimand or detention offence) by stopping at the nurse's office, showing the nurse a recent bruise from sports, talking briefly about it, and then getting a pass from the nurse to show up late without penalty.  Or the time that she did something in her sport which should have gotten her tossed from the game for a while, but she said Sorry in this meek voice with this cute French accent, and the referee just said Don't do it again, and let her continue. So it's just a hunch, that she's getting away with stuff, but it bugs me. I don't know if that's happening with this guy - or if I should care.  After all, she's leaving in about two weeks, and then she isn't my problem any more.

Not that she IS a problem - we all like her.  But when you start wondering about whether she's gaming the system in one sector, you begin to wonder about others.

Maybe what's really bugging me is that she's coasting through this year.  Of course, thats somewhat expected - as an exchange student, her grades don't count for anything so long as she keeps them above failing, and she does know that when she returns home, she'll have to take the year 'for real'. So she's putting in some effort, but its somewhat play acting, too..  Not taking it seriously. And that bothers me.  But if its true, as before, I don't know if I should really care. The year doesn't count, after all.

Or is it something else? 

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