Saturday, February 17, 2018


Which in this case stands not for the destroyers of the Gulf but for Black Panther, the new movie being hailed as the rebirth of the superhero genre.  I went to see it yesterday, and upon resturning home looked again at one of the reviews, noticing this time that it said this was 'the best movie with a predominantly black cast'.  And exactly how many of those ever show up in North America?

I really wanted to like it.  Right up to the end, I thought maybe it will get better.  Never did.  Though I did like the character who was the evil relative.  He, at least, had character, force, strength, purpose.  The rest -- it kept making me think of other movies. Of the By our power combined chant of Captain Planet, of the battle scenes in Zulu (decades ago), of the wise and insightful elders of so many movies, of the Force mysticism and the attack on the Death Star from Star Wars.  Or, and the spunky kid sister who mocks the hero and secretly adores him.  As if the script's approach was lets try this, no, lets try that, wait, lets try.....

Maybe next time, guys. 

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