Thursday, October 26, 2017


There was once (don't know if it still exists) a comic strip called Foxtrot.  In one, the young son is tossing a football around with another boy, and says Go deep.  The other boy replies How can free will co-exist with predestination? The first boy mulls this over for a moment, then says Too Deep, whereupon the other boy says If Batman died, would the Joker be happy?

There are times when I think If Trump died, would I be happy? After all, he's fat, gets no exercise, is under recurring stress -- I'm not a doctor, but that certainly sounds like a recipe for a health crisis.  I have to admit, the idea of him out of the picture is pleasing.  And then I think His backup has one thing in his favor - less likely to start a war just because his feelings were hurt - and several things against him -- intensely Christian (by his definition) ergo much more bigoted, and much more skilled in getting things done by the government, so much more like to bring The Handmaids Tale to reality.  And if HE gets taken out, through impeachment or resignation (both very unlikely), why, there's Ryan, the Boy Wonder of Ripping Safety Nets to Shreds, there on the sidelines, waiting for his chance in the big chair.

Or to put it as succinctly as someone did in an article the other day - Laying aside the possibility of  him starting a war, the Democrats should hope Trump stays around a while, because he makes a much better target for political attacks.

Yeah. That one is too deep, too. 


Tabor said...

Sigh. I would like to see him in jail at the end of this year along with his closest buddies. Not too deep.

RozWarren said...

He deserves to die.

Cerulean Bill said...

Even with Mike "No Bigotry Too Foul" Pence backstopping him?