Friday, May 26, 2017


Got a very kind note from a friend today. 

We had sent her an Amazon gift card for her birthday (she lives in Canada, and the prospect of paying cross-border fees did not enchant) - just a way of saying Congratulations, hope you are doing well in your law studies, keep in touch.  And what she said in return was that she'd had a very tough week,  law school not being a bucket of fun, plus she's working, and when she got the notification of the card, it was like 'balm on a wound'.  She said she almost cried.

I was overwhelmed, myself.  Its nice when you can do that for someone.


Tabor said...

see. There are angels everywhere. Even angels who do not know that they are angels.

Cerulean Bill said...

I'm more of an angle than an angel. Occasionally acute, frequently obtuse, and once in a while, right.