Monday, October 24, 2016

Uh, Hill?

Mailing from the Clinton campaign:

Here it is, the final sticker of the campaign:
Let's make history.

I think it’s perfect and have already placed my order for three of them! If you’re like me and love to show off your pride in our candidate -- and want to prove that you were part of the team that’s about to make history -- chip in $150 right now and we’ll send you one of them, on us."

I think they need to check the definition of 'on us'.  On us does not usually include a price tag.

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Tabor said...

This whole campaign is too large and too fast and too full of fear and passion. I am sure that much of this carelessness is going on. I worry about who I send money to when there are so many groups out there that might very well be crooked.