Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Its over

Her appeal was granted.  She gets to stay in the Corps.

She also gets every single punishment that the cadets who actually did something wrong got.  Every single one.  Because, you know, she lied.

It appears that what nailed her was her desire to tell the whole story, which lead her to write a second explanatory statement, which lead them to say that the first was therefore a lie.  Apparently, their standard for statements is not 'truthful and complete', but just 'truthful'.  Leave out whatever you want. She told the full truth, and got nailed for it.

But she got what she wanted.  She's still in the Corps.



RozWarren said...

I am so glad for her and for you but NOT impressed with the Corps for putting her through this.

Cerulean Bill said...

Thank you.

The thing is, the Corps IS a good organization. They just forget that these are college students, not active duty military. And that's a significant difference.

It doesn't help that the Commandant doesn't report to anyone -- its his own little fiefdom.

But I got a lot of support from other parents, and from one of the Corps staff members. Not enough to change anything -- separate fiefdom - but it was gratifying.