Thursday, August 06, 2015


Last week, for one week, I wore a Continuous Glucose Monitor to track what my blood sugars were.  Its a little awkward - the sensor is about the size of three stacked nickels, and is stuck to your skin, while the receiver is about the size of an iPod, and sits in your pocket.  I thought How good can this possibly be?

The answer is Very good.  With, I would swear, almost no changes to how I normally eat and move around, I got a virtually normal week of readings.  The nurse said she wished they all looked like that - she had almost no recommendations.  She suggested that I see if my insurance would cover getting one of those monitors, and I said that even if they didn't, I'd pay the roughly $1700 for one myself.  She pointed out that this is just the basic cost.  After the initial sensors wear out, you have to buy replacements.  You need a new sensor, every week.

This morning, I found that a box of four sensors costs $350.  No quantity discounts.

Well, crap.

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