Sunday, November 23, 2014

Waiting for....Daughter

Daughter has driven down to Maryland.  Her destination is about 90 minutes from here.  She told us that she would not be home for dinner.  I know that she's driven long distances - well, relatively long, a couple of hours - by herself.  I really don't expect her home much before 9PM.  Or even 10.

Still:  at what point do you stop worrying that a kid who is not here is in some kind of trouble?

Probably: never.


Tabor said...

Well, after your recent health scares it probably seems more intense. Can't help worrying about those we love. Slowly, slowly you will accept they have lives of their own and you will then become aware that they are adults and you will feel very old!

RozWarren said...

Well that would probably be... never?

On the other hand the one awful family tragedy I went through taught me that it's not the thing you worry about that happens. It's usually something entirely different that wasn't on your radar at all.

Cerulean Bill said...

Like discovering that she has a hole in an internal organ?