Friday, July 11, 2014


If you fly round trip from Dulles to Paris, it costs $2000 for Premium Economy, and $10,000 for First Class.  So what do you get for that extra eight thousand dollars?

You get a private entrance into the terminal.

You get a private lounge. And a "prestige car", whatever that is, to your gate.

You get a high staff to passenger ratio on the plane.

You get personally introduced to the crew. Though I guess that home phone numbers are not included.

You get a bigger seat with a bigger TV. The seat folds out to be a bed.

You get to get off the plane first.

You get personal escort to baggage claim.  Persumably, they'll get your bag for you.


You get a  nice little box of toiletries.


Not enough.  What would make it worthwhile?

Well, for starters -- a limo that comes to my house to get me.  Not a van, an actual limo.  With a good selection of music and munchies for the drive to the airport.    Driven by a liveried TSA person who will waft me through their stupid security checkpoints. They handle the bags. And... and.....

Nah, I got nothing.  Nothing that's worth $8000.  $1500, maybe. 

Sorry, Air France.


Tabor said...

It is artificial and only works for those who like the showiness or for those who get it like you did, from someone else.

Cerulean Bill said...

When I went to Australia, the first class people got to get off first. It delayed me about 10 minutes. After a 14 hour flight, that really was inconsequential.

I'm willing to pay above and beyond for good service. But Air France's site includes a comment that the seats have the 'winged seahorse Air France logo' on the headrest. I think they're missing the point.

Perhaps I am.

Wendster said...

I saw a few airlines listed (in an article detailing the fantastic-ness of first class on a few particular airlines) that would have been worth another 2,000 I suppose: Showers, private rooms!, *very* high end toiletries, incredible meals, and I think one had a restaurant/club? upstairs. And yes, the limo came to your house. I wonder who has that kind of money? And if I had it, would I spend it for that? Hmmmmm ....

Bill the sword guy said...