Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I see where the British intelligence agencies say that they can legally intercept communications made on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.  I have to admit, seeing whats going on in Iraq, that hotbed of death, makes me think well, okay, I guess its needed.  And I've never been a fair of the classic Those who would give up.....quote. Still, this attitude scares me.  I see it here, too, with those liars and sneaks at the NSA.  (We're not spying on Americans.  Well, okay, we are, but not intentionally.  Well, okay, yeah, but we throw the unneeded stuff away.  Well, okay, we don't exactly throw it away....) 

Short of donating to the Democrats, which I do, or to radical organizations, which I don't (and I include the ACLU in that; they do good, but they aren't very focused) -- I don't see what I can do.  I'm not one for marching on government offices, either, which is probably just the way they like it.

Obama's really depressing me, I'll tell you that. He's starting to make Bush look good.  And I feel the gorge rising in my throat when I think that.


Tabor said...

I think Obama has inherited one mess after another where there are no easy answers. AS a country we used to come together in a crises but the conservatives feel we should criticize, blame and denigrate the leadership in all venues and at a all costs. Since they no longer have an ounce of patriotism in their souls, it is hard for a President to get to good conclusions.

Cerulean Bill said...

I don't think that they don't have patriotism. I just think that they collectively have a warped view of what that means. My country, right or even further right. I continue to believe that there must be reasonable ones - though I suspect that after Cantor's debacle, they are all hiding under the bed.

As for Obama, I am getting to the point where I don't entirely trust him. The things he lets the NSA get away with (ignoring that the NSA has apparently NO problem with spying on Americans full-bore, or lying to Congress about it) -- scare the hell out of me. If things really are bad enough to need this 1984 approach, why doesn't he admit it? Are we children? And if not, why does he allow it?