Saturday, April 05, 2014


Anki's supposed to be this great flashcard system, and it kind of is, especially if you use Version 1 (which, by the way, isn't available any more, but I have it on my PC).  It uses the concept of Spaced Repetition for memorization, which really does work.

But then the guy who wrote it improved it, calling it Version 2, and it feels like he wrote most of it, then got tired of working on it, and when he came back he didn't remember how he'd done stuff before, so he did it another way instead.  I keep thinking that the reason I'm having trouble using the Version 2 of the tool is because I'm just not seeing it, but now I think no, it's Anki. It's messed up.  Buttons that you'd think would be there, aren't.  Deletes are not confirmable; you delete something, babe, its gone.  Tags don't seem to have any purpose. Templates seem to get created randomly.

And then there's CLOZE:  I still haven't figured out what that's all about.

I prefer version 1.

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